Can Leftover Chapatis improve your Gut Health ?

To understand the science behind fermented foods like Kefir, read my previous post. Current post is all about story - My family's love of leftover chapatis. 😀

As we have seen earlier, fermented foods help reduce inflammation in the body. They also strengthen the immune system by supporting the gut's barrier function and inhibiting the growth of... more

Kanji Drink to Cultivate Your Gut Health

Around the same time when I first learnt about Kefir, it suddenly flashed in my mind that my MIL used to tell about a drink made with raw carrots that they used to have as kids. I had not paid much attention or asked much details before but suspecting now that it can be a fermented drink, I called my MIL to ask for details. And yes, I was right. She told ... more

Kefir - The Keeper of Your Gut Health

Kefir drink is renowned for its probiotic content, as it contains a diverse array of beneficial bacteria and yeasts, including strains such as Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, Streptococcus, and Saccharomyces. These probiotics are believed to contribute to gut health by promoting a balanced intestinal microbiota, aiding digestion, and supporting immune function.

Kefir is typically consumed as a ... more

Fermented Foods and Your Gut Health

Fermented foods were once a commonplace dietary staple all over the world but have since been lost in the tsunami of packaged goods and modern eating habits.

Our ancestors, devoid of the luxury (or burden ! ) of packaged food, set out to innovate.... And what did they discover? They discovered a way to preserve their food for longer but more importantly, they discovered delicious flavors and ... more

Snellen Eye Charts - Visual Acuity Charts for measuring your own Myopia

I am following the EndMyopia method for my daughter's eyesight, where I measure her eyesight daily (okay, almost daily) to track her journey. For that purpose, I had downloaded a snellen chart from EndMyopia wiki and printed it out and pasted on a wall from ... more

Myopia can be reversed: My journey to reduce my child eye numbers

We were sitting at the airport waiting to board our flight when I asked my 6 year old daughter to read the sign board at a distance. She had started reading well by that age so I was taken aback when she was unable to read the sign board at that moment. While I could read the board easily, she couldn't. Can she be myopic? At this early age? I asked her to move forwards 2 steps and try. Still ... more

Top 3 Home Remedies To Treat Sore Throat in Minutes

The constant pain and dry feeling in the throat is very agitating. Sore throat is often the first signal our body gives in reaction to the infection which has entered our body. The infection can be viral or bacterial.

Sore throat caused by virus

A viral infection goes away on its own after about a week. It does not require any medical treatment.

As there is no cure for a sore throat ... more

Top 3 Home Remedies To Treat Sinus Infection / Sinusitis

Sinus / Sinusitis Meaning - Sinus is a hollow space in the bones behind our nose. We have 4 pairs of sinuses. An infection in any one of these result in swollen and inflammed sinuses and is called a sinus infection or sinusitis.

What happens in sinusitis - Our sinus are lined with membranes that produce a very important thing called mucus, ... more

Intermittent Fasting & Coffee - What to Know?

The interest in Intermittent Fasting has picked over last few years. As more and more people are trying intermittent fasting, they are observing large number of benefits to their health and overall fitness. This is leading to lot of 'word of mouth' publicity intermittent fasting.

When people start with intermittent fasting, they have lot of questions and confusions. In simple words, ... more

Garlic for Yeast Infection - Complete Guide

Garlic is well known all around the world for its wonderful medicinal qualities. In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical science, it is used for its various health benefits like in treating urinary tract disorders, diabetes, worm infections, asthma and chronic respiratory disorders, cough, common cold, fever, etc. It is believed to be an anti aging spice because it improves strength, immunity, and... more