Top 3 Home Remedies To Treat Nail Infection Naturally

Nail Infections of various types occur in about 20 percent of the adult population worldwide. To treat a nail infection naturally we need to first understand the cause of infection. There are hundreds of home remedies on internet but every home remedy will not work for every nail infection and every individual. Rather than operating in a hit-and-run manner, its better to understand the roots of ... more

Home Remedies / Natural Remedies to treat Health Problems

Great health is one of the best asset one can have. But despite our best efforts, we catch hold of one or other problem. Typically if the illness or health problem is not very serious, people tend to try different alternative methods primarily due to side-effect of drugs.

Home Remedies or Natural remedies are methods used by people since ages across the world to cure common health problems. But ... more

Essential Oils - All about Oils for Healthy Disease Free Life

Most of cultures across world have been using oils successfully to ward off diseases and stay healthy. Unfortunately there is no comprehensive guide about oils and what works for what people. Lot of people end up using oils without understanding its relation with their body type and hence find it ineffective.

This website hopes to provide a solution by describing oils as well as different body ... more

Understanding TSH Levels

TSH Levels is a measure used to identify Thyroid level in human body. TSH full form is 'Thyroid Stimulating Hormone' and it is a blood test used to figure out if there is a thyroid gland problem or not. more

Chromium Picolinate - All about Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is a drug and it comes under alternative therapy and not recommended by doctors. But some people still use it as a nutritional supplement. more

Louis Kuhne Hydrotherapy

Louis Kuhne is an influential naturopath famous of his hip baths and water hydrotherapy. He was a German resident having lived from 14 March 1835 to 4 April 1901. more

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